Christmas Angel - Clip Art Wallpaper

    There are many Christmas traditions. Some families have their own ways of celebrating, particular food they like to eat, ways they like to decorate, songs they like to sing etc. Many of the traditions that we tend to follow date back a long way but some may be much more modern than we may realize.

    Christmas Tree Decoration
    Evergreens and garlands were hung by ancient Egyptians , Chinese and Hebrews as they were thought to represent eternal life. In Europe pagans tended to worship evergreen trees, In medieval times Germans used fir trees as a representation of the Tree of Paradise in the Adam and Eve story when they were doing plays about it. The trees were decorated. In Germany the use of trees became popular with settlers from Germany introducing them to America in the 17th century. People also decorate with mistletoe, holly and ivy which are very traditional and can be gathered for free. In the 1890′s tree lights were used by decorators and the tradition caught on and nowadays no trees are without lights.

    Lets see Christmas Angel - Clip Art Wallpaper !

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Christmas Angel - Clip Art Wallpaper

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